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  1. Adolescence in cockapoo - What should I know?

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hello, I'm new to this but thought I'd join up later than never. I'm a human for 14-month-old cockapoo Disco. He is the offspring of a cockapoo x cockapoo mix and he resides more of the spaniel features in his body and face (His mother is my mother's dog and I know he is a cockapoo) He's...
  2. Reaching the end of my tether :(!

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hi all! Hope you had a fab Christmas & New Year. Loved having Christmas for the first time with Bertie, he loved opening presents. I just need a bit of reassurance/advice/anything (!!) with whats happening lately. He is ten months in a couple of days and it's like this week something has...
  3. Crazy Teenager Cockapoo!

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    So my boy has reached 10 months this March and he has gone nuts! He's chewing on everything and has unlimited energy! I suppose this is to be expected since he's 10 months, but I'm wondering if you guys had any tips on curbing his energy, and engaging his mind? He's pretty smart, and loves to...