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  1. First puppy help please!

    The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone! Im so happy I found this forum! I have a little less than a month until my little guy Atticus comes home (toy cockapoo) :) Im trying to be proactive on preparation, so if anyone has advice namely on budget friendly puppy food, crate training, and when to start teaching commands (?!)...
  2. Newbie advice needed!

    The Puppy Place
    Hey everyone! Fully fledged Cockapoo newbie here! Have had dogs all my life but they have all been family pets whilst I was growing up so I wasn't heavily involved in the decision making and training etc. Our little girl is coming home in 4 weeks 4 days and 17hours... not that I'm counting...
  3. Questions/Suggestions about Sylml as Breeder Choice

    The Puppy Place
    Hello, I'm new to this site. Hope you're all doing well! My wife and I recently married and are looking into getting a dog together. Neither of us have had dogs for awhile, her last being a Border Collie and mine being a German Sheppard/Chow Chow mix, so we're both pretty excited about it...
  4. NEED ADVICE! Looking for puppy

    Hi Everyone, Ive just joined the site because my family is really interested in either rehoming a young cockapoo or getting a puppy. Have rung around a few places but Im really anxious to get off pets4home as I've read horror stories about dodgy dealers. Can anyone recommend breeders of F1...
  5. Puppy searching!

    Hello everyone! Just joined and wanted to say hi, I'm not yet a cockapoo owner but I hope to change that soon! I'm moving to my family farm in late March/early April and will be working from home most of the time from then so ideally that is when my fiance and I would like to get a puppy. My...
  6. Hey, advice please!

    :eek: We'd love to get a cockapoo but any advice on breeders in or near london and how to go about it please! We'd like one for the end of June. :rolleyes:
  7. Help needed for buying new puppy

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hey all I'm new to the forum and I am asking if anyone can give me some more info on cockapoos Been looking into it for quite a while now but have some questions. What's the main differnce between a cockapoo and a cavapoo? To me they look the same but I am unaware of the main difference. Also I...
  8. Another new cockapoo convert!

    Hi everyone I have been researching and getting excited and am off to view a pup at Colne Valley on Saturday. Any advice and info from anyone about anything greatly appreciated! Julia