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  1. Temperament concern

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    I have an 18 week old puppy who I've had since he was 8 weeks. The first week we had him was the honeymoon phase, after that we started to see humping and snarling temper tantrums complete with biting. The first time it happened I was frankly scared, even though he weighed about 6 lbs. My...
  2. Cockapoo aggression issue

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hello fellow cockapoo lovers! So I got my first ever cockapoo when he was 8 weeks old And he is now 15 months old. He has aggression issues over "Stolen items" ranging from random objects like a pen, Stolen stuff out of rubbish bin, socks, undies, a dog treat that he didn't Actually want to...