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  1. My cockapoo puppy is possessed.

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Let me start off by saying how much I'm in love with this little creature, she's smart, adorable and (sometimes) a lot of fun. She's 11-weeks-old today, I picked her up when she was about 7.5 weeks (I know that's a little young). About two days after I got her home she started the biting and...
  2. How much nipping is normal?

    The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone, posting this in separate thread in hope of some help... So, we've had Harley for 5 days now - came to us a week early after a fire at the breeders so we weren't quite prepared! He's gorgeous and photos will follow, but I am really worried about the 'nipping'. Can anyone tell me...