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  1. Mischievous 5 month old puppy- Any advice welcome

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    We have brought a cockapoo who is now 5 months old we have named him Leo, we've had him for 3 weeks now. I am a full-time university student who commutes to university, I live with my mum who is a wheelchair user and frequently in pain due to her conditions. We were told before we had him that...
  2. When do they calm down?!!!

    The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone! So Pippin is 4 months old this week and I'm exhausted! I feel like I can never just sit down and be with her unless she's asleep. I have to keep an eye on her every second while she is out of the crate because she tries to turn EVERYTHING into a game. The curtains, blanket on her...
  3. New puppy is terrorizing my 16 month old girl

    Cockapoo Talk
    hi there need some advice I have a very sweet, calm and delicious 16 month old cockapoo girl and just got a boy. He's 11 weeks old now and a force of nature. He doesn't give her a chance to get close to me anymore, if she gets a toy to play with, he bites her until she lets go of it, he won't...