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  1. Cockapoo Talk
    Hi Everyone! Me and my partner are looking to get a cockapoo and have stumbled upon Marlee Cockapoos via google search - http://www.marleecockapoos.co.uk/ and was wondering if anyone has heard of them or had a puppy from them and have any stories/reviews to share? The website is being built by...
  2. The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone, We are looking to add a cockapoo to our family. We have been thinking this for a while but we want to wait until the current situation is over. We are currently on the pre-reserve list for a big breeder but I have some concerns about the scale of them, worried it may not be an...
  3. Introductions
    Hi, I am Sherry from St. John's, NL. I am a life long cat owner and we are seriously considering adding our first puppy to our family of four (teenagers aged 15 and 17). I did fair bit of research and the Cockapoo (a mid-sized one) seems ideal for our family. There are no breeders in NL. I...
  4. Cockapoo Talk
    Hi Has anyone got any feedback on Cuddlepups as a breeder? Did you get your cockapoo from them? Good or bad comments welcome. Thanks in advance Rachel
  5. The Puppy Place
    Hello, I'm new to this site. Hope you're all doing well! My wife and I recently married and are looking into getting a dog together. Neither of us have had dogs for awhile, her last being a Border Collie and mine being a German Sheppard/Chow Chow mix, so we're both pretty excited about it...
  6. Cockapoo Talk
    Hello all! Is it okay to be on more than one breeder's waiting list so long as I inform the others when I make the final decision of which one we'll be going with? I have no intention of leaving anyone hanging after we decide, but we'd like to see photos of the litters after they are born and...
  7. Cockapoo Talk
    Hi All, I am looking to get a cockapoo puppy sometime in December, and am a bit worried about the weather for travelling! I am very willing to travel to get my wee one, but wondered if there are any breeder closer to home (I'm in Aberdeen). I have noticed there are many breeders in...
  8. Cockapoo Talk
    I am new to the forum and we have decided to get a cockapoo puppy. We live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland (British Columbia, Canada) and we are in search of a reputable breeder in BC or that will deliver to BC. Any assistance from forum members would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. The Puppy Place
    Hi I'm new to the forums. We haven't got a cockapoo yet but are looking for a pup. Has anyone out there got their cockapoo from Julie at Crystalwood puppies in Devon and would you recommend her as a breeder? Many thanks.
  10. Cockapoo Talk
    Hey all I'm new to the forum and I am asking if anyone can give me some more info on cockapoos Been looking into it for quite a while now but have some questions. What's the main differnce between a cockapoo and a cavapoo? To me they look the same but I am unaware of the main difference. Also I...
  11. Cockapoo Talk
    Hi, I have found a good cockapoo breeder (I think? if anyone lives in Virginia and knows of a good breeder please let me know) who will have a litter due in October and ready in December. Is it a bad time to get a new puppy as far as potty training? I live in a condo and do not have a yard...
  12. The Puppy Place
    Has anyone on here bought a puppy from Wendy Martin in Essex. I'm hoping to arrange a viewing of some puppies she has but can't find any details for her. Any advice would be appreciated.
1-12 of 25 Results