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  1. Raffles Cockapoos

    The Puppy Place
    Hi all, I just wanted to share my recent experience with Raffles Cockapoo’s. I’m sure most have heard from them with such a massive following online, and will have heard both good & bad. I just felt it would be good to share my experience to raise awareness to help others make a decision on what...
  2. Yorkshire Breeders

    The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone, We are looking to add a cockapoo to our family. We have been thinking this for a while but we want to wait until the current situation is over. We are currently on the pre-reserve list for a big breeder but I have some concerns about the scale of them, worried it may not be an...
  3. Buying a cockapoo uk

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hi Having lost our much loved KC registered golden show cocker due to old age, we are now looking for a cockapoo pup. We are lost without a wee dog companion. We had no idea how difficult this was going to be during these times!! I was wondering if anyone had ANY advice about buying a pup...
  4. Breeder Recomendations

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hello we are currently looking for the right breeder to buy our first family puppy from. We are in the Essex area but are happy to travel. We are looking for a breeder who house rears the pups, we want them used to household noises as i have 2 excitable kids. We also only want a F1 show...
  5. Hello

    Hello, Im Jacqui, I live in Essex with my husband and 2 young sons age 4 and 6. We are looking into getting our first family dog. W e particularly wanted a puppy as we currently own 2 80yr old tortoises who roam our garden. We hope by getting a puppy the "tortoise rules" can be set from the...
  6. Help me find a Cockapoo!!

    Cockapoo Talk
    I need some help and guidance from all of you Cockapoo lovers. My 15-year old daughter has been struggling with Depression for several years now and after all of our efforts through traditional channels (therapists, medication etc.), none of which have been too successful, we have decided to get...
  7. Hi! Searching for Cockapoo Puppy

    Hi! I joined ilovemycockapoo in the hopes that I can get some advice as my partner and I go about our search for a cockapoo puppy. We're located in Southern California, and are wondering if anyone has any experience with Beachwood Canyon Cockapoos, or if there's any reputable breeders you'd...
  8. Thinking of adopting a Mini Cockapoo

    Cockapoo Meets
    Hi! We just lost of best friend, a cross between a Shih Tzu and Bichon, to cancer. We had 11 wonderful amazing years with him! He was the best little dog ever! He was totally focussed on us...a happy Forever puppy that just wanted to be with us, out for a drive, a walk or snuggling on the...
  9. Great Forum

    Must say I'm very impressed with the forum and some of the great things that I've read so far on here. We've decided to (hopefully) become cockapoo owners at the start of 2017, as want to wait for our youngest to become a little bit older and have that little bit more understanding of how to be...
  10. Breeders Close to Sheffield

    The Puppy Place
    Hi Everyone, This is my first thread. I am looking to get a puppy in the next 2/3 months and wanted any recommendations for good breeders relatively close to the Sheffield area please. We have read all the good advice on meeting the parents, health testing and visiting the short list - but...
  11. NEED ADVICE! Looking for puppy

    Hi Everyone, Ive just joined the site because my family is really interested in either rehoming a young cockapoo or getting a puppy. Have rung around a few places but Im really anxious to get off pets4home as I've read horror stories about dodgy dealers. Can anyone recommend breeders of F1...
  12. In search of an F1b pup

    I am sitting here with the lovely F1b dog I am looking after for a month, 3-year-old Milo. We only have him until the end of Feb 2015 and then we would like to get our own. Our whole family of 5 has fallen for the Cockapoo breed but it is hard to agree on colours. Chocolate, sable or blue roan...
  13. Puppy searching!

    Hello everyone! Just joined and wanted to say hi, I'm not yet a cockapoo owner but I hope to change that soon! I'm moving to my family farm in late March/early April and will be working from home most of the time from then so ideally that is when my fiance and I would like to get a puppy. My...
  14. looking for recommendations for cockapoo breeders

    Hi, We are looking to get a cockapoo puppy at the end of January. Can anyone recommend a good breeder. We live in Hertfordshire but obviously would be prepared to travel to visit breeders to find the right puppy for our family. Any help would be really appreciated!
  15. Breeder info

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hello, I am searching for a larger Cockapoo (standard size). Can anyone suggest a breeder in New England area?
  16. Looking For Breeder Recommendations

    The Puppy Place
    I live in London and we would like to get a cockapoo in June. We're struggling to find breeders nearish and would love some personal recommendations. We'd like a puppy that has been bred in a busy home environment. Any Help Please????:eek::eek:
  17. NEWBIE searching for my pup ???

    The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone I am new here and looking for some help and advice. So I met some puppies 2 nights ago, drove 30miles to meet them. I bonded with a male pup and named him on the spot, said yes and offered to bank transfer a deposit. I ordered my crate/got a tag engraved etc etc Spent a fortune...