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  1. Smooth face curly coat?

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hi, I am wondering if it is a possible combination a cockapoo to have a smooth face but wavy, curly non-shedding coat? Does anybody have a dog like this? I would love to see some pictures. Thanks
  2. Cockapoo Coat - My new Son

    Cockapoo Talk
    hey everyone! I recently became a parent to a cockapoo named Onyx! Got him at 11 weeks and his hair was very wavy. about a month later it became less wavy and very straight... looked like someone shocked him. His hair was all static. He sheds soooooooooo bad so at 5 months (last week) I got his...
  3. Different coat types - help me choose :)

    Cockapoo Talk
    HI first time dog owner to be. I keep seeing two types of coats. The smooth "open face" where you can see the face, short hair around face and looks more like a spaniel. And the teddy bear "bearded face". I LOVE the teddy bear puppies, but seems they change so much as adults. Almost like they...