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  1. Puppy shedding

    The Puppy Place
    I have had my 8 week old cockapoo for 2 days now. His mother was a red/white cocker spaniel and his father a white toy poodle. He is shedding a lot of hair even though I have brushed him twice today. He doesn't seem to have much curl in his coat so I am wondering if he has the spaniel coat? Is...
  2. Brindle Cockapoo Puppy

    The Puppy Place
    This is a Brindle Cockapoo Coat colour correct? I ask because that's that what the breeder told me, seem to match coat types on other dogs, and that is what I've been telling everyone. I've just never seen a brindle cockapoo before... so I'm double checking here. Either way she sure is cute!
  3. Puppy Coat

    The Puppy Place
    Hello friends! I have a gorgeous 11 week old Cockapoo puppy. When I first got him at 8 weeks, I was expecting a fluffy coat (as seen in most cockapoo puppy pictures), however his fur was very short except for around his neck and ears. I figured it's just because he's a puppy. Now, 3 weeks...
  4. Help! Will my puppy be wavy/curly AT ALL?

    The Puppy Place
    So long story short, I bought this puppy and will receive him next week (Around September 10th) but I haven't met him yet in person because I couldn't find any breeders near me. I am worried he won't be fuzzy AT ALL :confused: but I've read on here a bunch of posts about their changing coats...
  5. Cockapoo Puppy vs. Grown Look

    Cockapoo Talk
    My wife and I are considering purchasing a cockapoo puppy for our first dog together. As we've been looking through pictures, we've noticed a great deal of difference between the cockapoos that look more like poodles and the ones that look more like cockers, in both body shape and hair type...
  6. Tilly's Smooth Coat

    Cockapoo Pictures
    Ive had quite a lot of interest when meeting other dog owners in how unusual Tilly looks for a cockapoo. Since a puppy she's always favoured the cocker look. She's maintained this but now has more of a poodle build. Ive attached images from when she was 10 weeks old and also from now around 4...
  7. Puppy coat

    The Puppy Place
    Darwin has outgrown his first coat. Ideally,they wouldn't need a coat in the summer but we all know how much it rains! It's a cream x-small Ancol showerproof coat with a check lining and velcro fastenings. The measurement down the length of the back is to fit 8 to 10" so it should be perfect...
  8. Has anyone ever used....

    Cockapoo Grooming
    Emu shampoo? A random park goer who happened to be a dog groomer suggested that I use emu shampoo for my cockapoo.... Has anyone got any experience of this shampoo?
  9. Roan colour changes

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hi everyone! Just wondering how roan pups change coat colour. Do the white hairs shed off or darken? The texture of the two hair colors is different in Mielo so wanted to know how the magic happens! Is this the same for merle and sable coats?