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  1. Differences

    I'm probably being a right idiot but what's the difference between spoodles and Cockapoo's? :confused: - isn't herbs gorgeous he's feeling down because nutty keeps stealing his toys ;)
  2. Laugh of the Day! Caption Challenge for These Pics

    Cockapoo Pictures
    Feel like a good laugh on The BOYZ Simon and Alvin? Create captions for their antics . . . Caption Challenge for Cockapoo Dog Antics
  3. The Boyz pose for an early spring pic

    Cockapoo Pictures
    I got the Boyz Alvin and Simon into a sit position and hoped they would look at the camera. At least Simon did it right! Their Spamaster (groomer) performed her magic the day before this picture was taken - summer cuts!
  4. Bullied by Cockapoo Dogs

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    One day last week, I had a frightening thought - Am I training my Cockapoo dogs or are they training me? So I wrote an article: The Most Common Dog Behavior Problem is NOT What You Think Now, do you agree with me or have another opinion? Are your dogs bullying you?
  5. What's Missing?

    Your Cockapoo's Health
    I wrote an article entitled How To Take Excellent Care of Your Cockapoo Dog based on the routine tasks we do for Alvin and Simon. Just wonder if I forgot something important. If something's glaringly wrong with this article, please let me know and I will correct it. Thanks.
  6. Alvin and Simon, but not Theodore

    My two Cockapo dogs are 3 years old and almost 3 years old. First we got Alvin, a Bichon-Cockapoo mix. He's feisty, very bright, regal (we call him the Prince), and a spit-fire. Loves to bark (as in guarding the house), loves people, and is expressive vocally and visually. He weighs about 25...