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  1. Attachment to me causing problems

    The Puppy Place
    Hi there. We are a family of 4 and have just adopted a beautiful 12 week old Cockapoo. We have had him at home for 3 weeks. It is our first dog as a family (we also have two cats). Our puppy was purchased predominantly as a family dog, however, my eldest daughter (14) has wanted a dog since she...
  2. Prospective Cockapoo Owner

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hello all! I am looking to adopt a standard cockapoo. Before finding a breeder. I would like to determine which *** and generation (f1, f2 ,ect,) is the right fit for me. I am an educator that lives alone. However, within the lifetime of the dog I will likely have a partner, children, and more...
  3. My RuRu

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  4. Do Cockapoos Shed?

    Cockapoo Talk
    I am looking to purchase a Cockapoo as I have fell in love with the breed, my worry is shedding. Through my research I have read conflicting information and I was hoping for your input and experience with this breed. Do you have a Cockapoo that sheds a lot or little? Thank you for your help in...
  5. Puppy coat!?

    Cockapoo Talk
    My pup Mika, four months old f1 miniature cockapoo has started to lose her puppy coat? This is a very slow process its been going on for weeks and she has only shed on her back! The coat on her back feels completely different then the rest of her fur, it more coarse and the fur on her sides is...
  6. This is Dexter

    Cockapoo Pictures
    I've been looking at posts of all your lovely Cockapoo's for the past three or four weeks, so now we have ours home, I thought I'd upload some pictures! Hopefully they'll work :) The second image is him after a bath, hence the wet dog look!
  7. Dog Attack

    Hi everyone! First time posting but need some advice from fellow Cockapoo owners. My pup Teddy is 7 months old, and I take him to our local park everyday. I've tried introducing him to loads of dogs, but only a handful of them have been nice to him. Usually he's growled at and recently he's...
  8. Kansas City area cockapoos?

    Cockapoo Meets
    Hi all! I'm new here, and it seems like this is a long shot, since it seems most of the members here are in Europe. My husband and I are extremely interested in getting a cockapoo, but we both would really love to get to spend a couple hours with one to make sure we are making the right...
  9. Help me find a Cockapoo!!

    Cockapoo Talk
    I need some help and guidance from all of you Cockapoo lovers. My 15-year old daughter has been struggling with Depression for several years now and after all of our efforts through traditional channels (therapists, medication etc.), none of which have been too successful, we have decided to get...
  10. Insurance

    The Puppy Place
    Can anyone recommend Animal Friends lifetime insurance? I seem to be going round in circles and getting nowhere with my research.I had decided on LV but now I see that Animal Friends have been voted top by consumers and I like the idea that they give to charities too.:confused:
  11. Biting, Aggression Help

    The Puppy Place
    Hi our Cockapoo is 16 weeks on Thursday and is going in for her last jab.She's been great to a degree apart from the nipping & biting,toilet trained well and is putting weight on. The past few weeks have been tough :confused::( She seems to be biting a lot more drawing blood and has now started...
  12. Allow me to introduce myself!

    Hello everybody! My name is Larissa, and I have recently become a (very proud) Cockapoo owner! I won't be able to pick up my little fluff ball for another few weeks yet, as she's coming up to just three weeks old :D I joined the site as I'm getting quite nervous about her coming home; I've...
  13. Pepper on Set

    Cockapoo Talk
    So, I was filming a webseries today, couldn't find anyone to look after Pepper so I took her with me. She was extremely well behaved (hung out in her Crate and watched the mayhem unfold or napped) with only a squeak about 4.5 hours in that a bathroom break was required; we were in a large...
  14. Cockapoo belly changing colour?

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hi I'm new to the forum so sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place. We have an almost 1-year-old cockapoo (one year tomorrow!) who we are quite sure had a pinkish belly but now it seems like it is changing to a much darker shade. Blueish/greyish. He got shaved two weeks ago, which we...
  15. New Cockapoo Owner :)

    Hi All, We recently got a cockapoo puppy called Ollie, thought I would join this as Im sure it is very useful for advice and questions :) I have to say, he is a lot more hard work than we expected but everyone is saying stick with it and in a few months he will have settled down! :jumping: We...
  16. Booties for Puppies?

    The Puppy Place
    I'm getting a cockapoo puppy at the end of the month, I'm wondering if I should be looking to get booties for the outdoors for her? My thought is that it will still be cold & snow here, but there will also be a lot of salt etc. My brother's cockapoo we didn't have to do this as we let her play...
  17. Eva's First Christmas Video

    Cockapoo Pictures
    Last year I made a Christmas video with my Brother's Cockapoo. Thought I would share, except a lot of videos of my new cockapoo puppy once I pick her up at the end of the month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D20DenuLu7s
  18. Brindle Cockapoo Puppy

    The Puppy Place
    This is a Brindle Cockapoo Coat colour correct? I ask because that's that what the breeder told me, seem to match coat types on other dogs, and that is what I've been telling everyone. I've just never seen a brindle cockapoo before... so I'm double checking here. Either way she sure is cute!
  19. Getting my first Puppy

    Hi, I just picked out this cutie for a homecoming at the end of the month, very excited, I've already gotten all the essentials as my brother has a 2 year old cockapoo and I was able to get some hand me downs as well as his advice on some core products that worked with his puppy. I'm hoping...