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  1. Cockapoo Talk
    My Cockapoo is so loved, but we can't manage his behavior. We bought Hamilton when he was 6 weeks old.. We had him neutered at 3 months. The problems began at 3 months when we took him for his first grooming. He was terrified and agressive, but the groomer was able to groom him. At 6 months we...
  2. Introductions
    Hi I'm Alex and I'm looking for Truffles siblings, she's a year old born on the 25th May 2020 in Leicester.
  3. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hello everyone! We are first time Cockapoo owners and would love some advice from you all. We have adopted Lulu who is currently 9.5 wks old and we’ve had her a week now. Her mom is a Cockapoo and her dad a spaniel, she looks more like a spaniel to be honest! I think we are really lucky so far...
  4. Cockapoo Talk
    Hi, We are so excited to add a sweet little cockapoo (pictured at 6 weeks) to our family. Any predictions in terms of coat texture and color? We know the apricot color can change hugely. We can't tell if he has a more poodle or more spaniel face! Definitely some curl to his coat though. So...
  5. 38C2C8C5-6A80-4BEC-91E2-06A419C3A0C3.jpeg

    My name is Jolene and I’m 16 weeks old! I am from Missouri but I live in Scotts Vally, CA. now. I’m 8lbs.
  6. Cockapoo Talk
    hello! me and my family are very keen on getting a cockapoo since we feel it would be a great addition to the family. however, since we live abroad and the puppies' prices have increased its hard for us to find an reasonably affordable way to get a cockapoo. if you have any suggestions as to...
  7. Cockapoo Talk
    Which coat type do you think little one will have? He is 4 weeks old, born 7th December. He’s ready to come home on the 5th February but we just want to know what his coat will be like, as we know f2 can get the grandad effect and want to make the right decision. mum is a f2 cockapoo Dad is a...
  8. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hi! I recently adopted a cockapoo puppy at 8 weeks old and she is now 6 1/2 months old. She has always been very shy and timid with people and other animals. I live in college dorms with others having dogs. How do I get her to be more friendly? She plays really well with my friend's dog...
  9. Cockapoo Meets
    Hi, my name is Alex myles-kitchen and looking for my cockapoo puppy siblings. Her name is truffles and 9 month old, she is chocolate coloured no markings, was born on 25th march 2020 in Leicestershire from a breeder called David
  10. The Puppy Place
    Hi there. We are a family of 4 and have just adopted a beautiful 12 week old Cockapoo. We have had him at home for 3 weeks. It is our first dog as a family (we also have two cats). Our puppy was purchased predominantly as a family dog, however, my eldest daughter (14) has wanted a dog since she...
  11. Introductions
    Hi everyone! We're new and here's Freddie! One week in and we are so thrilled, after years of waiting for the time to be right to have our own dog! We picked him up a week ago, at 8 weeks old. We met both parents, who had wonderful temperaments. Mum was a black and white English cocker (show...
  12. Cockapoo Talk
    Hello all! I am looking to adopt a standard cockapoo. Before finding a breeder. I would like to determine which *** and generation (f1, f2 ,ect,) is the right fit for me. I am an educator that lives alone. However, within the lifetime of the dog I will likely have a partner, children, and more...
  13. Cockapoo Pictures
  14. Cockapoo Talk
    I am looking to purchase a Cockapoo as I have fell in love with the breed, my worry is shedding. Through my research I have read conflicting information and I was hoping for your input and experience with this breed. Do you have a Cockapoo that sheds a lot or little? Thank you for your help in...
  15. Cockapoo Talk
    My pup Mika, four months old f1 miniature cockapoo has started to lose her puppy coat? This is a very slow process its been going on for weeks and she has only shed on her back! The coat on her back feels completely different then the rest of her fur, it more coarse and the fur on her sides is...
  16. Cockapoo Pictures
    I've been looking at posts of all your lovely Cockapoo's for the past three or four weeks, so now we have ours home, I thought I'd upload some pictures! Hopefully they'll work :) The second image is him after a bath, hence the wet dog look!
1-17 of 61 Results