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  1. The Puppy Place
    Hello! First post here and dont know if this is in the right place to post I've seen lots of posts about cockapoos looking pure spaniel, but I haven't seen any regarding their cockapoo looking like a poodle I recently brought my little f1b cockapoo home and I feel I've just bought a poodle...
  2. Cockapoo Talk
    Hello! I've been doing extensive research to find the perfect place to get a Cockapoo, and I would really appreciate reputable breeder recommendations near Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Thanks! :)
  3. Cockapoo Talk
    Hi everyone. I am new here. I think this is a great space and I found it very helpful. I have a new cockapoo pup. He is currently 9 weeks but he has such a huge appetite. I feed him according to the kibble by royal canine (puppy mini) And it’s guidelines that are on the bag. I do know every...
1-3 of 3 Results