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  1. Cockapoo Coat - My new Son

    Cockapoo Talk
    hey everyone! I recently became a parent to a cockapoo named Onyx! Got him at 11 weeks and his hair was very wavy. about a month later it became less wavy and very straight... looked like someone shocked him. His hair was all static. He sheds soooooooooo bad so at 5 months (last week) I got his...
  2. Generation and Color

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hi all and good morning! I am interested in adopting a cockapoo into my home and have a few questions on your experiences with your pups. One breeder told me that it's very rare to find a deep red coat color in an F1 cockapoo and that the coat wouldn't likely stay red, but that a pup from a...
  3. what would you call it?

    Cockapoo Talk
    when we picked out our cockapoo, cori, she was very red she slowly got lighter and lighter i couldn't find a picture of her color now but it is similar to the one above. Her ears and some of her beard are still as red as she originally was but the rest of her body is buff except for a darker...