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  1. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hi All, My partner and I has a new family member for a month now, Teddy:) He is turning 3 months old this Friday. My question is if anyone had a similar issue or experience. He is crate trained and sleeps through the night now with no problem in the living room, however during the day when we...
  2. The Puppy Place
    Hey, is I have done research and lots of training look ups but nothing seems to be working. Am I expecting too much. Reggie is 8 weeks and 2 days old and has picked up sit but nothing else. He also cries all the time, even if he is sat at my feet and not mentioning in his crate at night...
  3. The Puppy Place
    Hi All, First post - and apologies if this repeats a common thread! Little Ozzy is 16 weeks old today - we've had him 4 weeks. Overall - he is doing really well for his age! - far too clever! Sticks to us like glue - loves to play (chew!!) and toilet training doing well. Unfortunately as with...
1-3 of 3 Results