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  1. Cockapoo crying

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hi All, My partner and I has a new family member for a month now, Teddy:) He is turning 3 months old this Friday. My question is if anyone had a similar issue or experience. He is crate trained and sleeps through the night now with no problem in the living room, however during the day when we...
  2. 4.5 Month Old Started To Cry at Night

    The Puppy Place
    Hello, My pup Frank has been brilliant at night since I got him at 9 weeks. Initially i would get up at about 3am to take him out because he wouldn't last through until morning, but after that (at about 3 months) he was fine through until 6am. But in the past week or so, he has now began to...
  3. Wreck-it Ralph

    The Puppy Place
    Hi, Just wondered if anyone could offer advice. I brough home my new cockapoo pup Ralph on Friday he has just had his first jags (8 weeks old). At first he settled in great and we thought we had hit the jackpot with our choice of pup. But since the beginning of the week (Monday, when I have...
  4. Help: separation anxiety

    The Puppy Place
    Hi I'm new on here and I was wondering if someone could help me? I have a 15 week old Cockapoo called Daisy, she is a lovely little puppy but she does have a few issues. The main one is separation anxiety. She will bark and cry if she is left for literally minutes, it's so bad I can't even go...
  5. Puppy whines on walk

    The Puppy Place
    My 3 month old puppy Sydney whines when we go on walks. She is fine running around the house with the leash on and when we go out to go potty. When we walk away from the house, she will walk but she whines and cries. I feel like maybe she is just scared, but I don't know how to make it better...
  6. Is Ted insecure ??

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hi, Ted has now been with us a week. What a hard week it has been. We seem to have tackled the crate at night, but he still doesn't take himself in there on his own during the day ! Also we will not leave our side, wherever we go ted is right there under our feet. When we leave him in one room...