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  1. The Puppy Place
    Hi, we have a puppy reserved, been waiting for her for 8 weeks and the time to collect her is approaching fast. She is an F1b with Miniature Poodle daddy. I am allergic and we decided to go for F1b for the curly non-shedding coat, and although she looked like she would develop nice curls, with...
  2. The Puppy Place
    So long story short, I bought this puppy and will receive him next week (Around September 10th) but I haven't met him yet in person because I couldn't find any breeders near me. I am worried he won't be fuzzy AT ALL :confused: but I've read on here a bunch of posts about their changing coats...
  3. Cockapoo Talk
    My wife and I are considering purchasing a cockapoo puppy for our first dog together. As we've been looking through pictures, we've noticed a great deal of difference between the cockapoos that look more like poodles and the ones that look more like cockers, in both body shape and hair type...
1-3 of 4 Results