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dog training

  1. Training Activities

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    I'm just curious I'm planning on doing agility and heal work to music when he's older does anyone else do this, do your Cockapoo's like it, are they good and how quickly did they pick it up? Xx :confused: this is my boy :)
  2. Teaching Your Pup Basic Obedience Commands

    The Puppy Place
    I know I needed help teaching basic commands to the BOYZ. The internet has tons of info but I wanted the commands to stick. Four years later, I still remember the tips provided in the training dvd I used for Alvin and Simon. Note that Alvin was difficult to train, not because he's dumb but...
  3. Family Member Sabotages Dog Training Efforts

    Cockapoo Talk
    Anyone have a difficult family member who refuses to follow the dog training/dog behavior script? And then causes chaos? Here's the story: The Biggest Obstacle to Successful Dog Training.