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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi I'm Alex and I'm looking for Truffles siblings, she's a year old born on the 25th May 2020 in Leicester.
  2. Cockapoo Talk
    I am looking to purchase a Cockapoo as I have fell in love with the breed, my worry is shedding. Through my research I have read conflicting information and I was hoping for your input and experience with this breed. Do you have a Cockapoo that sheds a lot or little? Thank you for your help in...
  3. Cockapoo Talk
    You should be quite careful when training your dog. Dogs are put in foster homes between 14 20 months old. The dog must stay on the ground or the individual must carry the dog. Sometimes dogs are extremely cautious and careful at first but they can occasionally be goofy and overdo it...
  4. Cockapoo Talk
    This little boy has run off, possibly hurt, after being attacked by two dogs while on a walk with his owner. He hasn't been seen since tues afternoon. This is the link to the Doglost site where Teddy is listed. If there are any members local then please keep an eye out and share the post on...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi I am a professional dog trainer and behaviourist working in London and Home Counties in England. I have over 30 years experience and have trained well over 50,000 dogs, puppies and owners during that time. My first interest in dog training was training my own dogs in Working Trials...
1-5 of 24 Results