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  1. F1B Cockapoo Question!

    The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone, I can't seem to find much online about F1B cockapoos so I thought i would try here! We are about to adopt an F1B Cockapoo - she's a Cockapoo x Mini Poodle mix - and have a few questions about her size, agility, exercise requirement, etc. 1. How big will she get? 2. There are a...
  2. In search of an F1b pup

    I am sitting here with the lovely F1b dog I am looking after for a month, 3-year-old Milo. We only have him until the end of Feb 2015 and then we would like to get our own. Our whole family of 5 has fallen for the Cockapoo breed but it is hard to agree on colours. Chocolate, sable or blue roan...