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  1. Matts in beard?

    Cockapoo Grooming
    My 7 month old cockapoo has got some big matts in his beard and we have taken him to the groomers so they can sort it however, he won't let them (cries, pulls away). The rest of his coat is entirely fine just the beard. Has anyone got any suggestions on how we can try a resolve this ourselves...
  2. Puppy Coat

    The Puppy Place
    Hello friends! I have a gorgeous 11 week old Cockapoo puppy. When I first got him at 8 weeks, I was expecting a fluffy coat (as seen in most cockapoo puppy pictures), however his fur was very short except for around his neck and ears. I figured it's just because he's a puppy. Now, 3 weeks...
  3. I want to start grooming

    Cockapoo Grooming
    Long story short I went to a groomers didn't like it and wondered how and what I would need to groom herbie at home to save money and I think he'll be more comfortable with me grooming him I already wash him in with dog shampoo and conditioner and groom him with the nobbly side of the double...
  4. Anyone try the new Andis 5 speed clipper?

    Cockapoo Grooming
    I'm looking to buy a new clipper and was wondering if anyone has tried the ANDIS EXCEL 5-speed clipper. I have an Andis Pro Clipper, which works OK, but looking for something better. Also purchased a Wahl for $100.00 which doesn't work good at all! Any suggestions as to other makes of good...
  5. Has anyone ever used....

    Cockapoo Grooming
    Emu shampoo? A random park goer who happened to be a dog groomer suggested that I use emu shampoo for my cockapoo.... Has anyone got any experience of this shampoo?
  6. Cockapoo book??

    The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone, My partner and I will be picking up our Blonde boy Cockapoo puppy, Dexter, in a couple of weeks time, we are very excited! I was wondering, has anybody come accross a good book about the cockapoo breed? Its not just for tips and information etc, I just like to have the book to...
  7. how often do you bath your cockapoo???

    The Puppy Place
    Hi Just wondered how often you bath your doggies? I gave rigby his first one yesterday which he loved!! I don't want a stinky dog but also don't want to damage his skin- how often would you recommend bathing him? xx
  8. Pru's haircut

    Cockapoo Pictures
    Before haircut..... After haircut :) She was brilliant, not a peep out of her according to the groomer. She very much enjoyed her 'spa day' !!