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  1. Your Cockapoo's Health
    Hi guys, I have a 4 month old male cockapoo, Cooper that seems to be pooping excessively. He gets 3 meals a day with the recommended amount so he isnt being overfed. But he literally will poo about 8/9 times a day. Most mornings he does 3/4 poos within 6am - 11am. They are always solid and he is...
  2. Cockapoo Talk
    We adopted a puppy when she was two month old, they said she is a cocker spaniel then. We had no idea about her family. As it grew, it resembled the cockapoo breed to us. She was about to die of gastritis when she was five months old, she recovered with medication but I'm worried this might...
  3. Your Cockapoo's Health
    What is the best food for a 5 month cockapoo? Hi, I was wondering what is the best quality food for my five month old cockapoo pup? I have been feeding him Rachel Ray puppy food. I recently did research and came across brands such as canidae, adana, artemis, and ojein. Since you all have...
  4. Your Cockapoo's Health
    Hi All, I am new to this forum and am hoping you can help me and my sweet cockatoo Olivia. She is 9 years old and completely tore both of her hind ACL's. Upon taking her to a veterinary hospital, we discovered she had a pretty severe heart murmur. She went on heart medicines for ten days until...
  5. Cockapoo Talk
    Hi, We have just discovered that our puppy has a very slight heart murmur. We are not due to pick him up until the end of next week. The vert tells me its nothing to worry about & quite common & is most likely to have disappeared by age 12 weeks. Has anyone had experience of this & have advise...
  6. Cockapoo Talk
    Hi, our male 4 month old F1 cocker, Truxton has got a large lump in his throat which only started appearing about 2 weeks ago. I presume that it's an adams apple but it seems bigger than my own! Is this normal, do male cockerpoos even have adams apples... or should I be concerned?
1-6 of 8 Results