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  1. Help!!

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    Hi, I have joined this site as my cockapoo, Buffy (who is 1 year), is doing my mum's head in. She was guarding a tissue she had grabbed from the bin about a week ago and when my mum went to get it, she got defensive and bit her, causing bruises on her arm and her finger to swell as a result of...
  2. Breeder Recomendations

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    Hello we are currently looking for the right breeder to buy our first family puppy from. We are in the Essex area but are happy to travel. We are looking for a breeder who house rears the pups, we want them used to household noises as i have 2 excitable kids. We also only want a F1 show...
  3. Need to re-home 10mth puppy

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    Original post removed as it is no longer relevant now.
  4. Cockapoo Sizes

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    I am having a hard time deciding which size crate to get. The owner of the breeders says that cockapoo's get as big as 20 pounds. But I also heard that they can get even bigger. I want to get a 24 times 18 crate, but now I'm not so sure. There's also a 30 times 24 crate which is a bit bigger and...
  5. What's best for a new cockapoo?

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    i'm getting my cockapoo pretty soon and I am really worried about what stuff is better for him. What food do you guys use? We are planning to use the food that the breeder will give us for the first few weeks, but we may want to transfer him to new food too. Also, does anyone have any training...
  6. Insurance

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    Hello everyone! Me and my family cannot decide if we want insurance or not. We are thinking that it could be a good idea, but then again, we don't know which insurance company is better and not as expensive. Is insurance really worth it? And if it is, which insurance is better? What insurance do...