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  1. Fence height

    Cockapoo Talk
    We're getting a cockapoo next weekend, and I'm suddenly wondering if it's a potential issue that a section of our fence is 4' (the rest is taller). While researching breeds I remember seeing that goldendoodles and labradoodles sometimes jump fences. Is this a problem with cockapoos, too? The one...
  2. I bring home my puppy today!

    The Puppy Place
    Today,we pick up our beautiful 'poo puppy. I couldn't be more pleased but,I'm a little nervous as to how Dexter will react. Can anyone give my any tips on how to introduce the two of them? We will be travelling a few hours in the car to pick him up and the first stop we will make will be to my...
  3. Dexter's first week home

    Cockapoo Pictures
    I thought I'd post a few pictures of little Dexter's first week home! I hope the attachment works!