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  1. Cockapoo Pictures
    Jesse turned one year old back in late February. We wanted to bake him a cake but didn't have enough time, and opted for a quicker recipe. He seemed to like it nonetheless. :) We mixed pumpkin puree, mashed sweet potato, and cooked chicken bits, and molded it into a cake-like shape. Topped it...
  2. Cockapoo Pictures
    When he was younger, Jesse would love to knock over his water bowls with his paw and spill water everywhere. He also loved to stick his head into his water bowl and blow bubbles through his nose. I had never seen a dog do this in person, and thought that it was just the most adorable thing ever...
  3. Cockapoo Pictures
    Jesse does the happy dance & goes to the dog park [videos] Hello everyone, I'm new here. Wanted to upload some pictures & videos of my one year old cockapoo, Jesse. :) This is a short clip of Jesse doing his happy dance after we've given him some chicken. http://youtu.be/NM712svbeoU...
1-3 of 3 Results