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  1. how much exercise?

    Your Cockapoo's Health
    my nine week cockapoo loves to go mad in the garden, tunnelling, running around and low jumping up (which we are trying to stop!). He also has to go up three garden steps to get to the garden , which he runs up fast. He has so much energy, but I am worried about his developing bones/ ligaments...
  2. Robbosara

    The Puppy Place
    Hi I just wondered if any one could help I am feeling a bit out of my depth with Georgie she is 15 weeks old and is very bitey and lunges and growls when she is over excited. When I try to put her harness and coat on she bites and struggles so much I could cry. When we are out walking she is...
  3. Robbosara

    The Puppy Place
    Hi I just wondered if anyone could tell me if this is normal please. When I walk Georgie she can be fine walking along on a long extendable lead but then she will start jumping up at the back of my legs and biting and also crouching down in front of my feet so I can't walk . She also gets very...
  4. Reaching the end of my tether :(!

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hi all! Hope you had a fab Christmas & New Year. Loved having Christmas for the first time with Bertie, he loved opening presents. I just need a bit of reassurance/advice/anything (!!) with whats happening lately. He is ten months in a couple of days and it's like this week something has...
  5. 6 month old cockapoo won't stop biting or jumping

    We have a 6 month old cockapoo who doesn't seem to stop jumping or biting when ever we move around the house whether it's tidying the house or going from room to room. We have tried ploying her with toys so she knows not to bit us, ignoring her, shouting 'NO' when she is misbehaving the only...
  6. Forbidden areas!

    The Puppy Place
    The sofa is currently quite a battle ground in our house, since Pru became big enough to take a flying leap onto it. The heads straight to the sofa whenever the living room door is opened and my Mum even found her sitting on it in front of the laptop the other day, looking like she was working...