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  1. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Last week Thatcher went out for a day. Since he arrived home from his outing he has not been himself and has been leaping at any larger dog that he meets along our walks such as the nicest Portuguese Water dog who once was his playmate, an ancient Great Dane and a massive Bulldog. Last night...
  2. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Dexter has just started going for his walks and already he is trying to run off ahead. How do you teach a dog to walk by your side? I'm very keen to stop him from pulling asap - I already have one dog taking me for a walk - I don't need a second! I would appreciate any good tips!
  3. The Puppy Place
    Well we reached the magic day of Poppy being allowed out for a walk. It took ages just to walk down the road as there were so many new smells but Poppy seemed very happy. We met a mum pushing her buggy with 2 small kids holding on to either side of the pushchair so it looked like a very large...
1-3 of 3 Results