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  1. Cockapoo Meets
    Hi all! I'm new here, and it seems like this is a long shot, since it seems most of the members here are in Europe. My husband and I are extremely interested in getting a cockapoo, but we both would really love to get to spend a couple hours with one to make sure we are making the right...
  2. Cockapoo Meets
    Hi North East-erners, I have organised to meet some Cockapoo's in November and December; and would like to extend the meeting to this forum too :D For November/December: 03/11/2013; 11.00am - Watergate Forest Park, Taken place 08/12/2013; 11.00am The Derwent Walk Country Park and...
  3. Cockapoo Meets
    Hello! Only 2 days and counting till little Sookie can finally go for (mini-) walks... yay! If anybody is interested in meeting up for a walk in London (ideally North West - Hampstead Heath or Primrose Hill..?) at some point this 'Summer' (ha) then that would be lovely :) Obviously right now...
1-3 of 3 Results