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  1. Prospective Cockapoo Owner

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hello all! I am looking to adopt a standard cockapoo. Before finding a breeder. I would like to determine which *** and generation (f1, f2 ,ect,) is the right fit for me. I am an educator that lives alone. However, within the lifetime of the dog I will likely have a partner, children, and more...
  2. Hi (not a cockapoo owner yet)

    Hi everyone. My wife really wants a cockapoo (or a whoodle). I’m more of a bulldog guy but have no problems with her choices. The two biggest drawbacks I can see so far: 1. I’ve heard these dogs are every energetic, so would they be okay living in a (large) apartment with my stay at home wife...
  3. Cost of owning a puppy

    The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone, I have been wanted to buy a puppy for a few years now, and after much research on different breeds I now have my heart set on a Cockapoo. I am in 35 and have a house with a large garden and will be looking after the puppy on my own (with some help from dad when I am at work). I...
  4. New puppy questions

    Cockapoo Talk
    My self and my partner have just brought a new puppy cockapoo Bear. 8 week old We are new to pups. So a few questions you guys could answer please 1) after the first vaccination can she meet dogs in her own home ? 2) how many times a day will she need feeding and what times ? 3) what food...
  5. Introductions

    Hi, I am a new cockapoo mum. We got Ziggy at 8 weeks and shttps://www.onthemarket.com/details/2306198/he is 10 weeks old now and has settled in really well. We have never had a dog before and although I read a lot it really doesn't prepare you for the biting! I have read lots of the comments on...
  6. Great Forum

    Must say I'm very impressed with the forum and some of the great things that I've read so far on here. We've decided to (hopefully) become cockapoo owners at the start of 2017, as want to wait for our youngest to become a little bit older and have that little bit more understanding of how to be...
  7. Cockapoo Sizes

    Cockapoo Talk
    I am having a hard time deciding which size crate to get. The owner of the breeders says that cockapoo's get as big as 20 pounds. But I also heard that they can get even bigger. I want to get a 24 times 18 crate, but now I'm not so sure. There's also a 30 times 24 crate which is a bit bigger and...
  8. What's best for a new cockapoo?

    Cockapoo Talk
    i'm getting my cockapoo pretty soon and I am really worried about what stuff is better for him. What food do you guys use? We are planning to use the food that the breeder will give us for the first few weeks, but we may want to transfer him to new food too. Also, does anyone have any training...
  9. Insurance

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hello everyone! Me and my family cannot decide if we want insurance or not. We are thinking that it could be a good idea, but then again, we don't know which insurance company is better and not as expensive. Is insurance really worth it? And if it is, which insurance is better? What insurance do...
  10. Getting a Cockapoo for the First Time

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hello everyone! Me and my family are getting a cockapoo! It's going to be my first time getting a dog so I am really worried about everything. Would anyone recommend anything for a puppy Cockapoo? Like what shampoo is better or what to do to introduce him to the house? My family has 2 young...
  11. Puppy searching!

    Hello everyone! Just joined and wanted to say hi, I'm not yet a cockapoo owner but I hope to change that soon! I'm moving to my family farm in late March/early April and will be working from home most of the time from then so ideally that is when my fiance and I would like to get a puppy. My...
  12. Hello!

    Hi, my name is Caroline and my husband and I have recently got a Cockapoo puppy. He is 14.5 weeks old and called Murphy. He is a sweetheart but quite a pickle. Any advice or tips warmly welcomed. He has replaced our beloved Border Collie and is quite a different, less complex chap. So far he...
  13. Hi From Abbie and Kres(:

    Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great day so far (: I've had Abbie now for a little over a month and absolutely love spending time with her. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for taking care of a new puppy, especially teething remedies and treat recommendations. Here she is at...
  14. Hello

    Hello - we are a family of four with two kids aged 7 & 5 and we are getting our Cockapoo on 28th February 2014. We live in Leigh on Sea and hope we can meet up with some other like minded Cockapoo owners of Puppies and Dogs (later when he has his second jab). I have booked some socialisation...
  15. What to buy?

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    We are awaiting our puppy, Henry a chocolate Cockapoo on 28th February, and wondered what things I will need to buy now for him. I have a crate and vet bed, but with regard to toys, treats, etc I am not sure what is needed now and what can wait. We have already booked a local dog trainer, who...
  16. Oscar

    Hello Please can I introduce our little Oscar he is 8 weeks old and we are new cockapoo owners. Looking forward to sharing ideas and questions with you all.
  17. First time puppy owner, help please!

    The Puppy Place
    Hello Three days ago my Mum and I brought home a 9 week old chocolate cockapoo called Prudence. I do not live at home but will be helping out a lot with Pru's care. I have a lot of questions and was really hoping to get some reassurance and answers! 1. Prudence is a very placid dog and has...