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  1. I love my baby

    Hello, my name's Lacey and I have a 10 year old Cockapoo named Lightning (but we call her Puppy, she was smaller than my mother's Cockapoo, Thunder, so calling her the name Puppy just stuck.) I'm planning on getting her fixed, little late but better than never, mostly because it has been causing...
  2. help.... my cockapoo is crying at night

    Hello everyone, I have my cockapoo a week today, he is adorable and well loved.. when I put him in the crate at night he cries and cries.... my friend (who is a groomer and has multiple dogs including a cockapoo) said to let him cry but I'm worried I could be damaging him.... Also I have...
  3. Well Trained Cockapoo From a Shelter

    Cockapoo Talk
    My husband and I adopted a very well trained 6 year old cockapoo from an animal shelter. He was not neutered at his advanced age. My question is has any one gotten their cockapoo from a shelter? Was your dog already well trained at that time, I mean to the extent that the dog will obey off leash...