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  1. Cockapoo Pictures
    I've been looking at posts of all your lovely Cockapoo's for the past three or four weeks, so now we have ours home, I thought I'd upload some pictures! Hopefully they'll work :) The second image is him after a bath, hence the wet dog look!
  2. Cockapoo Pictures
    Jesse does the happy dance & goes to the dog park [videos] Hello everyone, I'm new here. Wanted to upload some pictures & videos of my one year old cockapoo, Jesse. :) This is a short clip of Jesse doing his happy dance after we've given him some chicken. http://youtu.be/NM712svbeoU...
  3. Chit-Chat
    Hi! I am new to this site and am loving it so far. We got our first family puppy 6 weeks ago and we LOVE her so much. We fell in love with the furry little curley Cockapoo our friends have...but when we chose we fell in love with our pup who looks nothing like a Cockapoo! Many mistaken her for a...