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  1. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    My cockapoo girl, Willow, is 4 months old and my parents Boxer male, Buster, is 5 months old. They have played/walked together once-twice a week since they were tiny. Buster is obsessed with her and can't leave her alone. He has always been very bouncy and full-on with her and has a habit of...
  2. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hello! This is my first post on the forums (even though I have been reading them like a bible since getting my little one). I would like to know if anyone can help me with regards to puppy (play) fighting. Willow is my 9 week old puppy cockapoo (working cocker x mini poodle), she is a...
1-2 of 2 Results