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  1. Crate Night Pooing- Help!!!!

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hi There! We've recently got our first dog - Maisy - a beautiful F1 Cockapoo. Whilst we love Maisy we are at out wits end over her pooing! She's taken to sleeping in her cage really well but unless I get up around 2am - 3am she poos in it! She doesn't seem to want to go before bed and we don't...
  2. Puppy scared of boxes?!

    The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone! I got a puppy a few weeks ago (at age 8 weeks), and she is great and cuddly, if a little boisterous :cool:. She will be 12 weeks on the 1st of Jan. Anyways, when the postman came with a huge parcel (it had a vacuum cleaner inside-she doesn't like them either!) she pooed herself...
  3. Well, that didnt go so well!!

    The Puppy Place
    Well, i have been crate training and boo sleeps ok'ish in her crate at night, my friend invited me over for a quick cuppa , so i popped out for just an hour and left boo in her crate, (thought it would be good practice, as i have left her for the school run once with no problems) she had a fully...