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  1. Hello from Rio!

    Hello! My name is Laurine and we have had our Cockapoo Rio for a week. I just wanted to introduce myself and Rio! We live in Scotland and Rio is settling in well. We are having a slight issue with Rio after he poops. The poo is getting stuck in his coat and we can’t seem to get it off...
  2. Any suggestions??

    The Puppy Place
    Hey all!!! I'm trying to figure out what times would be best to take out my pup before bedtime. I've been going to bed early bc he has me up around 5:15 (good bc I can walk/feed/play and walk again before work). I've read many posts about taking him out right before bed and 3 times he's pooped...
  3. Walking about while pooing!

    Cockapoo Talk
    We have always been bemused by my brothers working cocker when it has a poo. It cannot stay still, round and round in circles or up the garden and back again. Never seen another dog do it. Until we got Nell, she does exactly the same thing, always on the move! Does your dog do this and is it...
  4. 2 year old cockapoo acting out

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Help!! We have a 2 year old cockapoo that acts out only when we aren't home. He's been doing this since he was a puppy. He's completely house broken but when we leave, he'll poop/pee in the house or chew at the door (only sometimes when he's really anxious.) We try punishing him when we get...