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  1. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hi all, have had my adorable puppy Atticus almost a week! The first 3 days he had NO accidents in the house....I was shocked and delighted! Nothing has really changed, but I'm scared he got traumatized somehow because now everyday he has peed and pooped at least once in the house. I still let...
  2. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    So we have had our puppy for about two weeks and I know it is still early but I was a little worried and thought I would post on here and see what you guys thought. My puppy has been doing great with no accidents in the house..Doesn't tell us he needs to go out but we take him every 30 mins. -...
  3. The Puppy Place
    Hey all!!! I'm trying to figure out what times would be best to take out my pup before bedtime. I've been going to bed early bc he has me up around 5:15 (good bc I can walk/feed/play and walk again before work). I've read many posts about taking him out right before bed and 3 times he's pooped...
  4. Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hi guys! I am going to be a brand new dog owner and I pick up my Chowder on Satuday. I am deliriously excited, but I am concerned about what to feed him at 8 weeks and when I should start trying to potty train him. Is now a good time for dry food and potty training?
1-4 of 4 Results