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  1. Prospective Cockapoo Owner

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hello all! I am looking to adopt a standard cockapoo. Before finding a breeder. I would like to determine which *** and generation (f1, f2 ,ect,) is the right fit for me. I am an educator that lives alone. However, within the lifetime of the dog I will likely have a partner, children, and more...
  2. Coat Color Question

    The Puppy Place
    I am getting a puppy from a breeder who we have gotten a puppy from before. I was on a wait list for a female sable puppy. When they were born she said she had two in the litter. The litter is now 3 weeks old. She sent me these pics. To my eye they look like black and white tuxedos. I know it...
  3. Insurance

    The Puppy Place
    Can anyone recommend Animal Friends lifetime insurance? I seem to be going round in circles and getting nowhere with my research.I had decided on LV but now I see that Animal Friends have been voted top by consumers and I like the idea that they give to charities too.:confused:
  4. Breeders

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations regarding breeders in the South East of England near or around the London area. Any would be great. Thanks Olivia :)
  5. In search of an F1b pup

    I am sitting here with the lovely F1b dog I am looking after for a month, 3-year-old Milo. We only have him until the end of Feb 2015 and then we would like to get our own. Our whole family of 5 has fallen for the Cockapoo breed but it is hard to agree on colours. Chocolate, sable or blue roan...
  6. Puppy aggression amongst other things...

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    My cockapoo girl, Willow, is 4 months old and my parents Boxer male, Buster, is 5 months old. They have played/walked together once-twice a week since they were tiny. Buster is obsessed with her and can't leave her alone. He has always been very bouncy and full-on with her and has a habit of...
  7. Your dogs

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hi these Are my 2 babies Nutty a Patterdale Terrier Cross Herbie and my lovely Cockapoo Have you got any other dogs including your Cockapoo would love to see a picture :love-eyes::love-eyes::kiss::hug::ilmc: