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  1. Need help with 11 week old pup

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hi guys! So I'm a new dog owner. I am a big animal lover and because of the fact I have quote bad anxiety I decided on getting a dog. However I've never had a dog so the training is quite difficult. So Harley is a DIVA to say the least. She refuses to walk and I only pick her up when I know it...
  2. 4 months & chocolate

    Cockapoo Talk
    Hello everyone, chance has been keeping me very busy. Today I came home to him eating a hand full of chocolate kisses :confused::eek: Update on chance: knows about 5 commands but only comes when he feels like it, learned to cuddle:), jumps on the bed and sofa, lots lots lots of biting(us too)...
  3. Chance was my valentine gift this yr :-)

    Cockapoo Pictures
    Chance 1st valentines
  4. Biting,growling, out of control!

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Throughout the day chance has been having these episodes where he goes completely crazy!! He bites us, jumps on us and doesn't stop. He speeds across the room growling and barking. He has even started chewing furniture. I had been using a mesh playpen but haven't been able to close it because he...
  5. 1st vet visit result ( infection)

    Your Cockapoo's Health
    Hey! Today was chance first vet visit and everyone fell in love with him! But he has a ear infection!! :mad::( They prescribed him an ointment twice a day for a week, she showed me how to put it in his ears but I'm a lil nervous especially because I know he's going to be moving a lot. Any...