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  1. The Puppy Place
    HI all. I am new here and will try and keep this as brief as possible. I have been thinking about getting a cockapoo puppy for a while now and have been researching to death. One of the areas of concern that is putting me off is that I live in a 3 storey town house with 2 cats. One is 4 and a...
  2. Cockapoo Talk
    Hi everyone, we recentky pciked up our new f1 puppy. She is now 9 weeks old. The mother is a apricot spaniel and dad is a miniature poodle. Were exicted to see what coat she will have. Im assuming she will be straight/smooth as she looks much different than the rest of the litter. Did anyone...
  3. Introductions
    Hello! I am new(ish) to the community. It looks like I joined years ago when I got my first c'poo, but I don't remember! Anyway, we are looking to adopt a second cockapoo. The one I have selected is going to be 4.5 months old by the time we get her up here though. Is that too old? We have the...
1-3 of 3 Results