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puppy coat

  1. Puppy coat!?

    Cockapoo Talk
    My pup Mika, four months old f1 miniature cockapoo has started to lose her puppy coat? This is a very slow process its been going on for weeks and she has only shed on her back! The coat on her back feels completely different then the rest of her fur, it more coarse and the fur on her sides is...
  2. Gillipeg

    Hi there ..I have my beautiful 14 week old cockerpoo gal for around 4 weeks now .she has a smooth face and isn't really that curly apart from around her neck , However this week she is getting a few white longer hairs around her eye brows , most pups I have been looking at have fluffy faces...
  3. Puppy Coat

    The Puppy Place
    Hello friends! I have a gorgeous 11 week old Cockapoo puppy. When I first got him at 8 weeks, I was expecting a fluffy coat (as seen in most cockapoo puppy pictures), however his fur was very short except for around his neck and ears. I figured it's just because he's a puppy. Now, 3 weeks...