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  1. Cockapoo Pictures
    Hi all! I was asked to upload some new pictures, so here you go! (There are a lot... how sad that I already cut back). Puppies are so much more photogenic than people ;) Snoozing on the bean bag Trying to lick my friend's face For some reason he really likes hanging off the edge with his...
  2. Cockapoo Pictures
    Some more pictures of the Dufus from the past month (he'll be 4 months old in a week!)
  3. Cockapoo Pictures
    We set up a pen for Rufus in the livingroom so we could keep him safe while we were in the other room briefly or actually had to get something done. It didn't take him long to figure that one out :( haha. This video was taken a few days after we brought him home...
  4. Cockapoo Pictures
    He absolutely adores the snow! Here's a photo and a video :) Both were taken on my phone this morning. It is still snowing! I am sore from shoveling :rolleyes: hahaha Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7pkMsrzANo Photo:
1-4 of 4 Results