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  1. Day by day training schedule 8-12 weeks

    Cockapoo Training and Bonding
    Hello everyone, Hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy! I’ve read some of the puppy training books (easy peazy, Zak George) and a cockapoo breed specific book. The problem I’m having is that the books often conflict each other and the points are quite diffused leaving me unsure of what to...
  2. uh oh.. think ive made a big mistake

    The Puppy Place
    My friend who has a lab pup, invited me and boo over for a puppy playdate this morning, her pup is 4 months old and fully vaccinated. Boo is vaccinated too but cant go for walkies until saturday. After Boo's socialising success with my parents dog cleo, and her Cockapoo half brother merlin, i...