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  1. Your Cockapoo's Health
    Hi All, I've got a 5 month old girl cockapoo (Lucy) and am in a quandary over having her spayed. Do I spay her at 6 months or after here first season? Do I go for keyhole or traditional spaying? As Lucy is out with lots of other dogs every day, I'm very keen to avoid undue...
  2. Your Cockapoo's Health
    Well Cindy had her keyhole spay yesterday and if it wasn't for the cone of shame and the bandages on her hind legs where they removed her dew claws at the same time, you wouldn't know she'd had anything done! Yeah! :D How I'm going to keep her quiet for 10 days is beyond me. She's her normal...
  3. Your Cockapoo's Health
    We sadly had to put our 7 month old cockerpoo pup to sleep this week she was spayed early January and two weeks after the spay became unwell for a month with high fevers and leg pains, she sadly was diagnosed with acute leukemia on Monday and had no choice but to put her to sleep, we are...
  4. Your Cockapoo's Health
    Hi, does anyone have any views/advice on when it is best to spay? Old advice was to let them have at least one season, but now that seems to have changed and the current advice is before the first season. HELP!!!! I keep getting conflicting information and don't know what to do for the best.
1-4 of 4 Results