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  1. When and How to Spay?

    Your Cockapoo's Health
    Hi All, I've got a 5 month old girl cockapoo (Lucy) and am in a quandary over having her spayed. Do I spay her at 6 months or after here first season? Do I go for keyhole or traditional spaying? As Lucy is out with lots of other dogs every day, I'm very keen to avoid undue...
  2. Girl or Boy? newbie question

    The Puppy Place
    Hi I am the newbie around here trying to find my perfect pup. After all the drama of the first pup I chose and paid a deposit (not DNA tested) for I am still on the look out. I have found a girl this time and she has been PRA tested on Sire's side, but nothing else. I keep getting told not to...
  3. Spaying your Puppy

    The Puppy Place
    Our Cockapoo is 18 weeks old now and we have been wondering at what age should she be spayed - the vets suggests 6 months old but after the operation to keep her from jumping up - ha, fat chance of that, Millie is like a coiled spring and is constantly jumping up and flying round the garden like...