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  1. Help! Will my puppy be wavy/curly AT ALL?

    The Puppy Place
    So long story short, I bought this puppy and will receive him next week (Around September 10th) but I haven't met him yet in person because I couldn't find any breeders near me. I am worried he won't be fuzzy AT ALL :confused: but I've read on here a bunch of posts about their changing coats...
  2. Cockapoo throwback to the Cocker?

    Hi! I am new to this site and am loving it so far. We got our first family puppy 6 weeks ago and we LOVE her so much. We fell in love with the furry little curley Cockapoo our friends have...but when we chose we fell in love with our pup who looks nothing like a Cockapoo! Many mistaken her for a...