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  1. Cockapoo Talk
    We adopted a puppy when she was two month old, they said she is a cocker spaniel then. We had no idea about her family. As it grew, it resembled the cockapoo breed to us. She was about to die of gastritis when she was five months old, she recovered with medication but I'm worried this might...
  2. The Puppy Place
    Hi everyone! I brought home my Oliver about a month and a half ago and he's so special. He's so smart, playful and sweet. However I have some suspicions about his breed... The breeder told me Oliver's mom was a 20 lb cocker spaniel and a 5 lb toy poodle. The mother was beige and dad white...
  3. The Puppy Place
    Hi Rigby was weighed at the vets at his 8 week jabs and weighs 1.9kg. I don't know if this is big or small or average- just thought it might be interesting to compare and keep a record of weights with you others that have pups of a similar age. xx
1-3 of 4 Results