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  1. New Cockapoo Owner :)

    Hi All, We recently got a cockapoo puppy called Ollie, thought I would join this as Im sure it is very useful for advice and questions :) I have to say, he is a lot more hard work than we expected but everyone is saying stick with it and in a few months he will have settled down! :jumping: We...
  2. Wreck-it Ralph

    The Puppy Place
    Hi, Just wondered if anyone could offer advice. I brough home my new cockapoo pup Ralph on Friday he has just had his first jags (8 weeks old). At first he settled in great and we thought we had hit the jackpot with our choice of pup. But since the beginning of the week (Monday, when I have...
  3. Crying cockapoo

    The Puppy Place
    Hello Chloe here, Six days ago we brought our golden cockapoo puppy Jessie home. Jessie has been the perfect little puppy until bedtime, she starts acting up. We have a crate for her to sleep in but every time she is left alone during the night she begins to whine and bark nonstop. The first...
  4. Puppy whines on walk

    The Puppy Place
    My 3 month old puppy Sydney whines when we go on walks. She is fine running around the house with the leash on and when we go out to go potty. When we walk away from the house, she will walk but she whines and cries. I feel like maybe she is just scared, but I don't know how to make it better...