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10 weeks - time flies!

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Amber and Heidi have settled so well and adore our Schnauzers - some of the Shiddies tolerate them :D

10 weeks old, 2nd injections this week - cant wait until we can take them out on a lead - should be interesting!

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Awwwww - gorgeous :) Their colouring is beautiful and love the way one is sleeping with her paw over the other one! Best wishes, Karen.
awwww just adorable
what a pair of stunners. Holly was 10 weeks Sunday, had 2nd vaccine + chip + kennel cough yesterday. can't wait to take her out and about so i know how excited you are feeling :)
thanks one and all.....we are sooooo pleased with how they are so easy to manage in their early days and hope the years ahead are just as easy.

Certainly a lot easier than the shiddies were!
This picture shows the colouring better:

How cute! Barney is an apricot colour, the pup we are getting in August. Yours are so sweet, where did you get them from?

Julie :)
Thanks Julie - we got them from a Breeder in Goxhill, Nth Lincolnshire...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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