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11 month old chewing...again?

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Hi all! I've been mia for a while. Life got crazy! I'm having some trouble with Bella. She's never had a problem with chewing until now. She's mostly sticking to her chew toys but just this past Sunday she chewed the zipper on her bed that's in the kitchen while we're gone. She doesn't seem to have done anything except tear the zipper, but I'm worried. Shouldnt we start to be able to trust her more now?
Is this normal? Is this likely a phase that will pass?

Thanks as always for your advice!
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Ooo dont know Paula... has anything changed? are you leaving her for longer? could she just have noticed the zipper? Id be inclined to but her a new more exciting chew toy. Hopefully its just a one off..... hope someones got some proper advice for you instead of my ramblings lol x
Lol thanks Karen! I have no idea what's going on. She seems to be destroying he soft toys too. Nothing else has changed. We haven't been leaving her for any longer. Well hopefully someone else will have an idea!
I can never remember when the adolescent age is, but I think it's anywhere between 6 and 18 months, so it might be applicable - apparently they start testing their boundaries again and you have to go back to training as if they were pups again. Teenagers!
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