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18 week old puppy

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Hi, I recently got a 18 week old puppy from a cockapoo breeder. He is sleeping throughout the night and coming around slowly to coming near us, however he is terrified of being outside the back. He will go on walks fine etc but the moment I take him into the back garden to pee or poo he runs to the door crying and jumping up wanting back in. I have tried training him to stop this behaviour but he gets very distressed looking back inside which is becoming a problem for toilet training as he wont take the time to sniff around and relieve himself.
2 of my family members also got 2 from the same litter and both their cockapoos love being outside and are doing well in having no accidents as they are going outside.

How can I help him starting to like outside.
I have teenage kids who have tried distracting him with toys and I even tried feeding himself outside as he loves his food but when outside he has no interest in anything other than howling and whimpering wanting back inside.
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"coming round slowly to coming near us" - sounds like there is more going on than the pup just being scared of the back garden and it sounds pretty deep rooted fear. This can happen with older pups who have not got used to things as babies.

If he is happy going out the front for a walk I would be taking him out there for toileting and take the pressure off from the back. The more you try to force the issue the more scared he will be so take pressure off leave the door open and let him decide for himself when he feels it is safe to go out there, when he does he needs the door left open to go back in when he feels he needs to so he can generally expand his safe area.
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