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2 year old cockapoo acting out

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Help!! We have a 2 year old cockapoo that acts out only when we aren't home. He's been doing this since he was a puppy. He's completely house broken but when we leave, he'll poop/pee in the house or chew at the door (only sometimes when he's really anxious.) We try punishing him when we get home, but it's already so far after the fact that it doesn't really do anything but make us feel bad. We kept him in a pen for about 1.5 years (trying a couple times to expand his area slowly but he always did something to make us put him back in the pen), which kept most of his issues at bay, but he figured out how to jump over it recently. Now we're stuck because we can't think of any other way to keep him confined (he doesn't do well in crates). He's so well behaved in every other way but I can't stand coming home to poops and smelling pee everywhere. Please please help!!!!
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is we taken out for the toilet right before you go out.
yes - we take him out 3 times a day... before we leave, when we come home and before bed
how long is be beeing left for.
it varies... anywhere from 5 to 8 hours since we're both at work. the issue isn't that he has problems holding it, because he's been in a pen most of his life and hasn't gone in there.
how many times a day is he fed.
we feed him in the morning and at dinner time but leave his food out all day. we were thinking about only feeding him at night but that seems like a last resort
what happens when he is cratted, i.e how long does he cry for, or does he toilet in there.
we havent crated him since he was a puppy because he is really anxious but we kept him in a baby type pen. he never goes in the pen and has a history of being extremely anxious when we leave!
have you tried a kong fill with treats and to opening pluged with cheese, peanut butter, pate. then pop it in the freezer so it takes longer for him to work on.
he doesnt touch toys when we aren't at home... or his food usually

what kinda toys does he have about.
everything from balls to kongs to chew toys
does he only toilet in the house when youve been out a long time or can it be even a short trip to the corner shop.
we usually leave him for longer periods of time when we do go somewhere... he doesnt always go - just when he somehow gets through our barricade to a certain area that he likes... but even if we manage to not let him through, im afraid he'll just start going somewhere else. the peeing isn't localized to one area. he has gone in the house even when we've been gone for a short time though
have you ever tried setting up a cammera to see what it is he is dooing and how long it takes him to get upset that your gone.
we tried a while ago but for whatever reason the camera didnt work.
im really thinking it relates to separation anxiety or hostility towards us leaving. my friend had a male cocker spaniel that she said went in the house his whole life. is this just something that male cocker breeds do??!?:eek: thank you soo much for your help!
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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