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24 hours to go !!!!

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Any last minute advice ? I've been trying to read my puppy book & its making me nervous, especially the socialisation bit. They make it sound like its a bit of a race to pack every experience in before 16 weeks !!!
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Advice .. don't panic and enjoy your lovely new puppy :)

Oh and sit down and enjoy a nice cuppa tea now .. when Dexter comes you will be busy caring for him or cuddling him :)

Cant wait for Dexter is Home thread xxx
Just breathe! :)

I think most folk have a wee panic before the pup comes home. As soon as they arrive it settles. You will do fine and be a great Poo mum LOL
It is very exciting and no amount of reading can prepare you for actually bringing your lovely new puppy home (but it does help honest!)! Just relax and enjoy it and make sure you come back on here to tell us how it goes! :D xx
Advice....Go have a nap!!!
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Don't worry, just enjoy. Take him/her to puppy classes for socialisation and get her off lead walking as soon as you can. They will sort the rest out themselves. Abbey has been such a breeze to train, although about to sign up for more classes to fine tune some areas. Have fun!
If you're planning to take him on the school run then that will give great socialisation from day 1 - even if you are carrying him. You will have the children flocking to stroke him! I used to carry Biscuit around the block once a day, take him on the school run and introduce him to the refuse truck, food delivery men, etc! We also did 4 weeks of puppy parties at the vet which was very helpful and are now doing training classes. It's great fun and you'll have no trouble finding people coming up wanting to stroke him! Allow lots of time!
It will be fine, Just remember every pup is an individual and you may need to adapt your ideal way of raising him once you get him home. Unfortunatly the pup has not read the book on how he should be brought up! Decide what the house rules are and stick to them take one day at a time and don't get too hung up on the right way to do things. You will probably be suprised at how much of an impact such a small animal can make but everyone gets there in the end and it is worth it!
Relax and enjoy your new puppy. I spent the first week just giving Millie lots of cuddles and just being there for her. I like to think it paid dividends, but she'd probably be just as loving if I hadn't.

I did the 16 week rule thing and tried to get every experience in, including holding her in my arms whilst walking along a main road (she was too young to be out and about). It got to 15 weeks and the only one left on my list was a thunder storm. Luckily a little storm turned up in time :cool: Weird. I even got Millie groomed at 15 weeks - which I bitterly regret as all her puppy fur was cut off . :(
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